Thursday, 22 May 2014

Deadly attack on Army checkpoint in the Ukraine - But who is to blame?

Deadly attack on Army checkpoint in the Ukraine - But who is to blame?

Read these two completely contradictory accounts of who is responsible. Which is nearest the truth?

Sunday, 18 May 2014

Is the West DIRECTLY Responsible for the Massacres In Ukraine?

Yes they, and you and I will have blood on our hands if we don't do all we can to let others know about the wickedness of our Governments in the destruction of the Ukraine and the terror being imposed upon its people.

Show solidarity with the innocent in this, say NO U.K. Government support of the current Government in the Ukraine.

Say NO to the U.K. Government supporting the current Nazi Government in the Ukraine

See for an explanation of Western (mostly U.S.) interference to bring about this unelected Government in the Ukraine.

Friday, 9 May 2014

Unarmed Civilians killed by Ukrainian Troops

Dear Mr. Carmichael (MP Orkney and Shetland),
Thank you for your response to my email about matters in the Ukraine.    I appreciate as you say, events are still fast moving.    However, I do think you and I both know that you did not address my questions.

Please consider why many of your constituents are increasingly cynical about U.K. Foreign Policy when one compares the latest reports on events in Eastern Ukraine, and the killings of unarmed civilians by the unelected Ukrainian Government, who came to power themselves through months of rioting.

See these three reports on today's and yesterday's events below ...
ITV News
and Russia Today

Which version do you think comes nearest to telling the truth?

God Bless you

Monday, 21 April 2014

Church leaders must not mince words when cruel politicians ‘do God’

Beginning his working life in the aviation industry and trained by the BBC, Tony Gosling is a British land rights activist, historian & investigative radio journalist.

For Jews, Easter is a time to remember the Exodus ‘Passover’ where the blood of a lamb on the door marked out Jewish families to be saved from the Angel of Death and signaled their release from Egyptian slavery.
For Christians, the Last Supper is the Passover meal before Jesus’ final sacrifice on the cross, the lamb of God whose blood is shed for all mankind.
But there we part company with the infinite because for David Cameron Easter is but a marketing opportunity, a forlorn attempt to prop up his collapsing credibility before next year’s general election.... Read more ...

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Shetland Christian Party

Are there any Christians in Shetland, who would want to be involved in advancing the cause of Christ through local politics?    It is important for Christians to be salt and light in this dark world, to bring a Biblical, moral and spiritual perspective into local politics.

Look, the harvest fields are ripe, and ready for harvesting.    Are you praying for the Lord to send labourers into the harvest field?    

May God show you that you may be that man or woman whom He wants to stand in the gap and be a political leader for Christ in these Islands.    To take up the reigns of the Christian Party in Shetland, and make it a force for Christian life, value, honesty, integrity and justice here in Shetland.

God bless you
Andrew Shearer

April Fool - Shetland Islands Council

Complaints being made about the 'april fool' comments by Shetland Islands Councillors.      Little wonder Shetland folk complained.    They believed these comments.    Why?  

 Because we are run by a house of fools.   

Perhaps Shetland Councillors ought to get on with the business of good governance, not silly pranks, that are so improbable that they are likely to be true given the governance of our Islands.

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Local Election Analysis

Has Christ been put to an open shame in these 2012 local elections?
Asked what I feared most in this election, my response has always been that I would not be ashamed of my brethren's response to the call to stand for Christian values and with Christ in this election.    I feared that a low vote for "Proclaiming the Lordship of Christ" in Shetland would result in Christ, His people, and His cause being seen as an irrelevance in our community.

Political commentators have already glibly written off the "the pair of Christians" poor showing, or put another way by another commentator who described them as "not even getting past the starting line."

What are the factors that may have led to a poor showing of the "pair of Christians" who sought to proclaim the Lordship of Christ in Shetland?

a.    Candidates may have been seen as too inexperienced for Council responsibility.      No doubt this is absolutely correct.    However, where does your sufficiency in your work or other responsibilities come from?    None of us are able in our own strength.   Both candidates were well aware of their own weakness and insufficiency, but their hope was in Christ's and His alone.    Through supporting our brethren, and upholding them in prayer, we seek by faith in Christ to enable them to His glory.

b. In Shetland South Ward, Andrew Shearer very likely lost several votes from the comment in the Shetland Times that Andrew (unlike the other candidates) had chosen not to submit his message for Shetland South voters to read in their newspaper.    Andrew responded to this in a letter to the editor (published Friday 4th May), and an acknowledgement by the Shetland Times of human error was made beneath.

c.  Was secular pragmatism by Christians another factor in the poor support from Christian brethren.   

d.  Resistance to change in terms of the electorate (Christiand and Secular voters), voting 'traditionally' for 'Independent' candidates rather along 'party' lines.

e.  Christians voting 'for' the candidate they knew in terms of his record, rather than voting for the candidates who were 'proclaiming the Lordship of Christ'.

Any analysis of the election results must recognise objectively reasons why voters voted as they did.    This analyis cannot be done accurately without feedback from those who voted for the Christian candidates either as first or second preference, and from those who are Christians, but voted for a candidate other than those openly proclaiming the Lordship of Christ.   

Please feel free to offer any comments in Christian love and email Andrew Shearer at ...

Other issues that should be considered as a result of this local election results are ...

1.  Is the Christian world-view more secular than Christian?

2.  What is the Christian's duty in politics?

3.  How can Christians build on the foundations already laid to ensure a growing voice in the community and the winning of souls for Christ through our witness in all areas of life and sharing of the Gospel?    
For example,
- a Christian (on-line) newspaper;
- a local Shetland Christian Party;
- the creation of a network of Christians representing the Shetland Christian Party in every congregation;

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Your Christian Democratic Heritage

The presence of Christians "Proclaiming the Lordship of Christ" in the Shetland Times blog for candidates has caused some stir.    I do hope I am wrong, and that we are genuinely a tolerant community, but I am not sure if the tone of the respondants to my (Andrew's) blog really support this claim to a tolerant multi-cultural/multi-faith society.    I hope there is not one spiteful bone in my body and that as Christians we shall offer a progressive, and an enlightened care and concern for all in our communities in which we serve.    I will be frank, signs of intolerance does deeply affect me, and sadden me, but I do still try to gladly receive constructive criticism.  I make no apologies however, for standing for what I believe in.   Christ is who and what defines me as a person, however much I fail to live up to and represent Him.   I only ask you not to look at the man (me or Peter), you will find plenty there to criticise, but look to Christ our Lord, God and Saviour, His life and work.     I dare not do otherwise, and hide my beliefs from the Shetland electorate.    They have a right to this much from me and all candidates.
Religious Intolerance
We frequently read in the press both here in Shetland and elsewhere of the opposition to faith in public life, whether in schools, or unelected faith representatives on Council committees or the slightest outward expression of faith in the wearing of religious ornaments.    The freedom from such religious expressions are expressed by an increasingly intolerant and vocal minority.
Christian Democracy
As Christian democrats we welcome debate on these issues, as it gives us the opportunity to explain that the present democracy we currently enjoy is rooted in the history of our Christian heritage.
From the time of the Scottish Reformation, the Church in Scotland adopted a 'Presbyterian' system, in which both ministers and elders were elected by the members of a congretation.    This was the only real democracy known to ordinary people.   
This same democracy was extended through the deployment and development of schools throughout Scotland.    Shetland was a benefactor of these schools (SSPCK schools) which gave opportunities to the poorest in our society to benefit and contribute to our growing Christian democratic system.    The Church in Scotland 'won' its unelected place on local Council authorities by default in the Education Act of 1872.    'By default' because virtually the only education offered to ordinary people then was an education in Church schools maintained sacrificially by the Church and its members.
Time and time again, despotic Kings attempted to exercise their dominion over all the affairs of the Scottish people.    Yet time and time again, Christians were martyred by the thousand (in the killing times), because of their refusal either to accept the undemocratic order being imposed on the Christian church in Scotland, or in the King's or Parliament's insistence on appointing ministers through 'patronage'.   
The Christian underclass
Thankfully, the ordinary people of Scotland always intuitively knew that the Church offered support, education and freedom from such interferance in their faith by the State.    The success of a defiant Christian underclass has led to the maintenance of a degree of Scottish sovereignty over our own affairs since the Union of the Parliaments in 1707, as well as the enfranchisement of the poorest in our society through the establishment of schools, and the care for the poorest, when few others did care.   
Secular revisionists
Secular revisionists would today seek to bring to light many abuses of the Church in Scotland over these years without any recognition of the fact that Christianity was a democratic and progressive force for good in Scotland.   
We stand on the shoulders of these visionaries from the past and (if elected to Council) seek to continue this great heritage through contributing to our own local democracy as a progressive influence in terms of bringing justice, fairness, stability and God-given wisdom to our new Council.

Monday, 9 April 2012

Andrew Shearer (Shetland South)

I was born and bred on a wee croft on the Pentland Firth, the sixth son of seven.  I left school at 15, no qualifications, joined the Royal Navy (as most did in Caithness due to lack of opportunities), later laboured in Dounreay, became a trade-union shop steward for labourers, and at 29 went to College and the education tread-mill that led to my present job as Principal Teacher of RME and Modern Studies in Anderson High School. I came to faith at 36 having seen both sides of life, from the bottom up both in terms of my moral and economic position in life.

Where I stand ...

Living in Hoswick, I do not want your vote, unless your desire is for real CHANGE in YOUR COUNCIL.  

I do want your vote however if real CHANGE in terms of stability and decision-making is concerned is what you want.   I stand on Biblical values and I want to apply these traditional values to Shetland politics, culture and belief     I want  this new Council to be different from previous Councils, not lurching from moral crisis to moral crisis, but being defined by its moral authority in its decisions.

Justice and Fairness

These key principles ought to be at the heart of all our policy-making decisions in your Council Chamber. These ought to be principles we act on in all areas of your Council.    Just because decisions or actions are legal, it does not make them morally right.


I welcome the investment in the new abattoir for Shetland crofters and farmers.    However the next Council needs to listen to the concerns of our crofters and farmers so that our abattoir does not go the same way as the one in Orkney.    The Shetland ‘brand’ is unique, and Shetland food of every description must continue to be invested in by our Council.    Our farmers and crofters simply cannot compete with the exploitative returns being forced on their industry by big business.    Coming from a rural background, I appreciate the hardships crofters have undergone these last decades.    In ‘proclaiming the Lordship of Christ’ we acknowledge that the beasts on a thousand hills are His, and by His grace, we endeavour to prosper the good gifts God has given us in these islands.

Wind Farms

I support the recent plans by Freelight (Shetland) Ltd to the local small windfarm venture. Like most Shetlanders I have not been entirely convinced by the proposals for a large wind farm. However, the decision has been made and for the sake of the rewards that can come to the Shetland community, and the political stability of the new Council, I would be committed to seeing this through in the next Council. It is neither in the interests of our reputation elsewhere, or another on-going saga of indecision to continue fruitless and damaging opposition.

I am standing as a member of the Scottish Christian Party because I am nailing my beliefs and values to the mast. I appreciate that there is a culture in Shetland for standing as ‘Independents’. However, we all have beliefs, (political, moral and spiritual) and they do not stay at home when we make Council decisions. For that reason I call on all so-called ‘Independent’ candidates to proclaim their foundational values, beliefs, and allegiances.

I am committed to supporting short crossings from Sumburgh to the North of Scotland, providing both jobs and business opportunities in the South Mainland. Pentland Ferries have looked closely at this route, and have a keen interest in operating there in the foreseeable future.
In the delivery of education across Shetland, I would like to see the Council adopt a model that is less centralised in Hayfield House, and uses the skills and expertise of the promoted staff in all our schools.   The new Mareel also offers tremendous opportunities for attracting students (and income) from Scotland and Internationally.

Peter Jamieson (Ward 4 Shetland Central)

Having now resided in Scalloway for 6 years, 3 of which I have been employed as a Carer in the Walter & Joan Gray Eventide Home, I would like to think I have a reasonable understanding of the current issues surrounding this area, and the opinions generally held by the public. Of course the words I hear most at present are ‘cutbacks’ which our local authority seems to be wielding as if it had no choice – but is that really the case?

My Faith

I came to faith in Christ in 2006 in a drugs rehab on Papa Stour. My life was completely transformed by the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and through the power of His Holy Spirit. Since then my life has gone from strength to strength, because I chose to follow Christ at His word, and put my trust in Him.

Proclaiming Christ

It is because of this that I feel I must now make a stand here in this Ward, as I know first-hand that God has the power to do so much more than we can comprehend. By elevating Christ’s name in our local council, especially in planning for the future, and the resultant decisions that are made, we will be building on Solid ground and not the rocky foundations of man’s own abilities, which have sadly failed us in the past costing us millions of pounds in the process.


As most of us will be aware massive ‘Cutbacks’ are threatening the very infrastructure, of not only our smaller rural communities, but Shetland as a whole.


Education is under threat with the amalgamation of primary and secondary schools. Is this really necessary? Do we want to see schools like those in Burra and Tingwall close, as they provide so much more than an education for the children? They are quite simply the heart of any community, which in itself prospers the area in many different ways.

Care of the Elderly
Care for the elderly is another area that is being threatened on a massive scale. Changes to how care is given to those who are housebound, and those fortunate enough to have places that they can visit, are facing a major revamp, of which in my opinion are – not for the best.

Business and de-centralisation

Business development is another area that should be looked at as our local authority seeks to centralise everything. What scope does Scalloway have with the proposed development of Oil on the West coast of Shetland?

With housing at a crisis point, is there the potential in areas like Tingwall, Burra, Girlsta, for future development which again would be a great benefit to those communities?

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Shetland and the Constitution

Shetland South and Shetland Central
Shetland and the Constitution
First, above all, God is our Sovereign whether we acknowledge this truth or not.    History, culture and time is advancing to its ultimate end in which God subdues all nations, peoples and tongues to the authority of His Son the Lord Jesus Christ.    Our mission, and the mission of Christians everywhere is to declare the ultimate peace and prosperity of the Gospel, whereby men, women and children are saved through the substitutionary death and atonement for the sins of His people by the Lord Jesus Christ.

The SNP are deceiving the people of Scotland in their policy of ‘Independence in Europe’.     Such a policy is non-sensical.    What the SNP will do for Scotland is exchange what they believe is the ‘over-lordship’ of Westminster for the subjugation of an unelected ‘Tsarist-polit-bureau’ in Brussels.

Shetland will be subject to this rule from Brussels, having not only to deal with the present ludicrous head-counting of sheep as dictated by Brussels, the destruction of its fishing industry, but also losing its identity, culture and any opportunity of a degree of self-determination to Brussels dic-tats.    Don’t be fooled, it will be Brussels who will determine our future under the SNP, not Edinburgh.

Reject Independence
We believe that Shetland, its economy, politics and future must be determined by its geographical location, as well as its historic ‘Christian’, political, cultural and economic connections to Scotland.    By God's grace, the Shetlander’s priority in the short-term must be to spoil the SNP’s party if the majority of Scots vote for independence.    We must reject independence from the United Kingdom and so safe-guard our future prosperity and any possible degree of self-determination for Shetland.

Political Maturity
We believe none of this will come about under the present electoral culture in Shetland.    Candidates in local elections require discipline and political maturity.    With respect, an ‘Independent’ Candidate does not have this, neither the experience to draw on from others, or the discipline and support for perseverance and consistency in carrying out policies.    Within the framework of Party discipline and the wealth of experience and support from that Political Party, a Candidate who is representing the policies of his or her Political Party, receives just that experience, support and discipline.

Christian Party
As Candidates representing the policies of the Scottish Christian Party, we can call on the wealth of experience, support and discipline of our Party.    Not only that.    The authority from which our Politics flows is the authority of the Holy Scriptures, Proclaiming the Lordship of Christ over all areas of life, and in the power of the Holy Spirit.   

We want to see a prosperous Shetland economy, but not at any cost.    Economic plans and policies however well thought out can be spiritually and morally disastrous if not committed unto the LORD God and carried out with a view to Glorifying Him in terms of His Justice and consideration of others.

Friday, 30 March 2012

Ward 5 Shetland South

Living in Hoswick, I do not want your vote, unless your desire is for real CHANGE in YOUR COUNCIL.  

I DO want you vote however if you agree that real CHANGE is necessary in your new Council.
I stand on Biblical values and I want to apply these traditional values to Shetland politics, culture and belief.     I want to see this new Council to be different from previous Councils, not lurching from moral crisis to moral crisis, but being defined by its moral authority in its decisions.
 “Do you want Council decisions that are grounded in Christian moral values ?”     Then place your 1st Vote for Andrew Shearer in Shetland South.
Justice and Fairness
These key principles ought to be at the heart of all o
ur policy-making decisions in your Council Chamber.  These ought to be principles we act on in all areas of your Council.    Just because decisions are legal, it does not make them morally right.
Wind Farms
I was opposed to large wind-farms across Shetland, but do favour small community-based, led and controlled wind-farms, where the benefits are wholly to the local communities.   Unlike some other candidates, I do support those rashly called "carpet-baggers" who are investing and commiting their own business interests in the Shetland community.     Now that a decision has been made by the Scottish Government (however politically motivated the decision is) we ought now to grasp this opportunity for Shetland's economic future.    We must not now be dogged by seeing history repeat itself as in the sagas of the Bressay Bridge/Tunnel, Norrona, Anderson High School, and the former Council Chief.     It seems that already there are threats to undermine and prolong this opportunity by calling on the next Council not to permit use of its Busta land.    I would ask you not to be taken in by continuing scare-mongering and vote positively for change and this God-given opportunity to establish a long-term economic base in Shetland that can be used for generations to come.    Vote for economic and political stability, not another Council riven asunder by division.
Do you know what the beliefs and moral values of your Candidates are?     Are their values and beliefs based on a political or environmental agenda, or a Freemasonry secret agenda, or some higher unchanging standard, or perhaps they just have their own set of rules and values?     Perhaps like previous Councillors they have values that are set on the shifting sands that have led us from crisis to crisis?   No-one’s politics exist in a belief vacuum.    It is the core values and beliefs of elected Councillors that will shape the kind of Council we shall have.

I hold membership of the Scottish Christian Party, and the Bible is my authority in all matters of life.  

I believe that anyone, whether elected or a Council Officer has a moral obligation to declare their allegiances to secret societies.    My values are not based on a whim or the current fashion, but grounded on a more sure foundation.

I am committed to supporting short crossings from Sumburgh to the North of Scotland, providing both jobs and business opportunities in the South Mainland.    Pentland Ferries have looked closely at this route, and have an interest in operating there in the foreseeable future.

I support a general, broad and liberal education for all pupils across Shetland.        I want to see an education that is morally relevant for our young people that genuinely equips them for work, life and adult-hood in this morally complex modern world. 

Cuts in spending
There has to be much more done to trim excessive costs at the top of the Council before any moves are even contemplated on the lower-paid workforce.  

I call for the next Council to suspend further cuts until a policy of savings from the top down is adopted, and savings from Council Officer and Councillor expenses.

Need Help or Advice?
Elected or not, I still want to serve you.   Your soul is more precious than your vote. Are you looking for answers to spiritual questions or need prayer.    I am available to discuss with you individually, or in groups, (at your home or mine) what Christ has to speak into your life or situation.  Please contact me by any of the means below if you wish to discuss further questions or prayer needs.


Contact me:    I am always available for Biblical teaching, Bible study or prayer in South Mainland or anywhere in Shetland, and I am particularly concerned with giving young teenage people a good Biblical foundation in Biblical doctrinal and theological truth.    To have reasons for the hope we have.